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Our Motto is ‘LEARN TO LEAD’
The teaching system is geared to impart “Learning by doing” right from the Kindergarten.

Our motto LEARN TO LEAD is strengthened everyday with our school song.
Shrishti students learn to lead; we are learning every day…
Everyday I’ll learn and grow, throughout all my life.
Daily I can face each challenge, Shrishti students face each challenge….
Daily I can face each challenge, throughout all my life.

We respect all faiths and people; we respect each way of living….
We rejoice in differences, that is the Shrishti way.
I am special! You are special! Every person is unique..
I am special! You are special! Isn’t that just great!

Serving people, Serving people; Shrishti students help all people,
Joyfully I’ll help all people, throughout all my life….
Caring for my family; caring for my country, India,
Caring for the earth and sky, I’ll care throughout my life….

Shrishti School! Shrishti School! Shrishti School leads us to learn,
Shrishti School! Shrishti School! We shall learn to lead…
Circle round, go wider, farther; lead to serve the whole wide earth,
Shrishti students! Shrishti Students! Learn to lead the world!

Written & Composed by
Ms. Barbara Isley
Wordsworth’s observation, “As a twig is bent, so the tree will grow,” is very much true in the case of tender and delicate students. The minds of students are just like photographic plates, whatever impressions are left on them, they will retain it. The good ideas, like love of the Motherland, devotion to duty, obedience to elders, service to the nation, helping the poor and the needy, nursing the sick feeding the hungry – are all inculcated in the students during their stay at Shrishti students’.

Broadly speaking, school life is not merely a period for learning, reading of books or playing, but it is the time, when all the good habits are acquired, bad habits are shunned, good conduct, fair play, sound thinking are developed and also the ideas of patriotism and nationalism are imbibed. Students develop interest in playing games, staging dramas, debating and other extra curricular activities.

The students population contains a diverse mix of cultures.
It is customary in Shrishti to begin the first day of the academic year with an orientation programme by Prof. Allen John. He boosted the enthusiasm of the teachers, encouraging to boost up their energy levels in order to interact fruitfully with the youth of the present age.
All the freshers received a very warm and hearty welcome form the Shrishti family. It was the perfect example of Unity in Diversity with students coming from nearly 44 different schools. A thrilling variety entertainment was hosted by the 12th graders followed by an Ice Breaking session.
The students, the future leaders of our nation, were administered the oath of office as they were invested with their official leadership posts by the Chief Guest Mr. Nihal Thomas.
The 12th Annual Athletic Meet, a gala event, helped foster the quintessential quality of sportsmanship and brotherhood, as the students took active part in various track events. The chief gust Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. Thamarai Kannan, appreciated all the participants of the March Past, Demonstrations and Sports Events.
The teaches were given a special audio-visual treat by the students to mark the nobility of their vocational science as teachers. 
To help create a secular India, Shrishti conducts a combined celebration of two religious festivals – Ramazan & Diwali. Students enact various episode based on the theme and publicize the message of religious tolerance.
The students display their knowledge and skill by presenting exhibits based on different topics from each subject. Visitors flock to witness these original presentations by the kids.
In commemoration of the birthday of our beloved founder. Mr. Manu Makhija the Founders’ Day is celebrated along with the Children’s Day celebrations. Students are treated as special guests of honour, as the teaching staff entertain them with a host of cultural treats.
The school winds up the year with a special thanksgiving, coinciding with the X-Mas celebrations. Students get to know more about the Christian doctrine of selfless love and service.
The school enjoys the harvest festival by offering Pooja to the Sun-God, followed by the delicious delight of Pongal. They also witness Patti-Mandram on the latest raging topic.
The whole school revolves around this colourful pivot of talent show where in students perform various fine arts with excellence Dance, Drama, Orchestra are all expressions of the student’s soul.
A moment to share sentimental reminiscences of the life at school – the IX & XI graders did a touching farewell to their seniors as they prepare for their journey ahead in life.
The staff members take a break from their hectic schedule and go on a visit to a tourist spot. They grab the opportunity to be as fun-loving as their students, keeping aside all responsibilities for a while.
The academic year comes to a close with the solemn graduation ceremony. The new graduates are honoured for their scholastic achievements.
To promote holistic development Shrishti hosts the Citizenship Training Camp taking full advantage of the serene campus of the school. Students from Stds. VII to IX get to appreciate and enjoy the exclusive experience of an over night’s stay on their school premises.
Summer Coaching Camp Sports and Games is contacted to develop discipline and team-work coaches from Chennai are invited to impart technical skills to the students in various sports.
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