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HOS Message

Message from the head of school

Message from Head of Schools

SHRISHTI remains dedicated to imparting highly practical-oriented knowledge and relevant skills to our student body, shaping them into proficient technocrats poised to excel in all walks of life. Our school has a comprehensive integrated curriculum that caters to the holistic development of each child. We persist inour quest for the utmost academic excellence, dedicating ourselves to a demanding curriculum that nurtures curiosity and fosters intellectual development.

Empowered with extensive training and resources, our teachers deliver top-notch educational experiences, unlocking the full potential of our students. Since 1997, this institution has been tirelessly striving for excellence in education, aiming to match the standards set by esteemed institutions. With over 26 years of committed service, the management’s unwavering dedication to this goal is unparalleled, ensuring a secure and fruitful academic journey for all.

– MS Saravanan