Managed by Makija Foundation

Mission Statement

To provide High quality education for all the students.

They are encouraged to develop their individual talents by being engaged in a variety of activities.

A conducive yet highly competitive learning environment ensures that the best in the students is brought out.

“by the third year we will provide more opportunities to kindle creative and critical thinking in students by arranging intensive training programmes for our teachers”


Guiding Principles

To Sympathize and understand the psyche of the present day child. Being sensitive to their needs – physical, intellectual and emotional – the school curriculum caters to acquire a clear understanding and imbibe all social values, at the same time, not losing sight of aesthetic and spiritual values.

To tailor the youngster to take on the world with confidence and exuberance; instilling in them intrinsic values that are substantial to combat evil forces at play in the society.

To learn to respect law and order and to lead disciplined lives and above all to be far – sighted, practical and perceptive to the problems of society at large.