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Pongal 2024

Harvesting Joy, Spreading Cheer: Pongal Celebrations at Shrishti Vidyashram!

Step into a time capsule and relive the vibrant hues of Pongal celebrations at Shrishti Vidyashram! Our school, once a canvas of tradition, bloomed with colors and flavors during this joyous harvest festival. The air was thick with the aroma of steaming Pongal, and every nook echoed with laughter and music. Students took center stage, weaving tales of tradition through mesmerizing dances and soulful songs. Parents and staff joined hands, adding their sparkle to the festivities, making it an affair to remember. As we rewind to these cherished memories, we are reminded of the unity and richness of our culture at Shrishti Vidyashram. Join us in painting future memories with the same brush of tradition, celebration, and togetherness!